EDC Hands Free Leash

  • $65.00

*For Pre-Order hardware colors, please allow 4-6 weeks to ship

Adjustable to you, adjustable to your dog. Our EDC Hands Free Leash will be the last leash you buy because it's just that good.

Whether you prefer cross body or around the waist both configurations can be achieved with the adjustable top portion of our leash. Little dog or big dog it doesn't matter! The bottom half of our hands free leash is also adjustable to meet the needs of your trusty k9 companion.  Want them to have more freedom? Simply lengthen the bottom half. Need them a little closer to you? Shorten the bottom half. It's seriously that easy.

Not only is this leash hands free but you can convert your setup to a traditional loop handle leash at any time. And guess what? You can adjust the overall length in this setup too!

Want your dog to have their freedom but suddenly need to pull them in for more contact? All of our hands free leashes come standard with a traffic handle at the bottom for those times you want your dog glued to your side.

Our EDC Hands Free Leashes come standard with a black auto-locking carabiner for the connection point to your dog and a black non-locking carabiner for your loop/hands free connection. If you would like to deviate from this standard set up just drop us a message in the notes at check out.

If you've come across a leash that just falls a little short in your needs, our EDC Hands Free Leash will surpass your expectations.

Overall Length Measured from tips of carabiners
Regular - 
Pictured on both models
Shortened approx. 66 inches
Fully Extended appox. 100 inches
Shortened approx. 62 inches
Fully Extended approx. 94 inches
Crossbody / Around the Waist Measured from the tip of the top carabiner to the center O-ring
Shortened approx. 38 inches
Fully Extended approx. 56 inches
Shortened approx. 34 inches
Fully Extended approx. 50 inches

 When choosing a length be sure to account for extra layers worn in the winter!

Want more hardware color options? Check them out here!

Care Instructions:

  • Clean using mild soap and water
  • If exposed to salt water, rinse with fresh water

Covered under our Lifetime and Pack Warranty. Read more about our warranties here.

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