What's All The Hype?

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If I were talking to you in person I'd have this great demo to show you just how cool (literally 😉) these koozies are. But bear with me, I can't come out of your screen to let you feel how cold my drink is even though I took it out of the fridge 4 hours ago. 

So here's your run down. 
Our entire Adventure Gear line up is handmade and comes from Australia. Crafted with oil cloth canvas and insulated with this brand new revolutionary technology....wool.

Yes, wool.  Baahh. 🐑

Whatever temperature you drop your drink into one of our koozies, hot or cold, it'll stay that temperature for up to 6 hours. [This is where I would make you feel how cold my drink is...but ya know...screens, we went over this]. 

Okay, what's oil cloth canvas and why is it so special? 
Oil cloth canvas is a naturally rugged and waterproof material. Modern oilcloth canvas was developed in the late 1800's by Edward Le Roy of New Zealand. It was commonly used by sailors because of its breathability and natural waterproof properties. If you know anyone with a traditional Oilcloth Duster, you probably know they've had it for ages and it's most likely their favorite coat. 

So why make koozies out of this material? My turn to ask you, why not? 

Here at 410 Mavs I stand behind high quality products across the board. I would honestly be the worst salesman because I can't pitch a product I don't 100% believe in. So the fact that I'm sitting here writing a blog post to tell you all how freaking AWESOME these koozies are really says something. Seriously, they're a game changer.

From your next adventure to sitting on the couch (maybe, possibly my personal favorite...shhh) I guarantee you'll be reaching for one. 

Until next time, 
Never adventure alone, Adventure with 410 Mavs.

Adventure Gear by 410 Mavs

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