EDC: Hands Free Leash

Posted by Samantha Tolentino on

EDC by 410 Mavs

Our hands free leash is officially in full blown testing mode! Gosh, this leash has been a project of mine for almost 2 years now. 

We started with Paracord but quickly realized there needs to be swivel hardware in there somewhere to avoid tangling.

Our next version included climbing grade swivels and biners but then the overall weight became an issue.
Fast forward even more trial and errors we finally have this beauty! 

Adjustable to you, adjustable to your dog. This hands free leash will be the last leash you buy because it's just that good. 

Not only is it hands free, but you can convert your set up to a traditional loop handle leash at any time. And guess what? You can adjust the overall length in that configuration as well. Did ya see that coming? 

[Insert Billy Mays]
But wait! There's more!

I'm not going to lie, Mav can be a puller on walks so a traffic handle is a MUST on his leashes for that little extra control. So of course, I've added a traffic handle that will come standard on these.

If you've come across a leash that just falls a little short in your needs, our EDC Hands Free Leash will surpass your expectations. 

Love a good hands free leash? Love multi-purpose gear? Let me know what you think!

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